Why did a person who spent more than 3 months underwater become young?
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A scientist who spent more than three months underwater claims that this experience has made him younger than ever. In 2023, Professor Joseph Dettori from America spent 93 days in the Atlantic Ocean. Professor Joseph Dettori, also known as Dr. Deep Sea, set the record by staying at Julius Undersea Lodges, an underwater facility for scuba divers in Florida. They spread their living pod over 100 square feet at a depth of 30 feet below the Atlantic Ocean’s surface.

Although it was a very small place, it contained their working area as well as a kitchen, bathroom, two bedrooms, and a small swimming pool, which was an entrance and exit. Unlike a submarine, this lodge did not have technology to help adapt to underwater pressure. The purpose of this experiment was to determine the effects of prolonged exposure to high pressure on the human body. During their stay underwater, they were subjected to several physical and mental tests.

From March to June 2023, he set a Guinness World Record by staying underwater, and when he returned to the surface, he claimed that all indicators of edema in the body had decreased by 50 percent. He added that the experiment also improved other aspects of health, such as the lengthening of telomeres. Longevity is indicated by the length of the telomeres in chromosomes. Telomeres decrease in length with aging.

During this experiment, the length of telomeres increased while their biological age decreased, as Joseph Dettori reported. In his own words, ‘My real age is 56 years, but my biological age has just turned 44, whereas when I came out of the water, the biological age was recorded at 34′. “So my telomeres have lengthened, and being underwater has made me look younger than before,” he said.

After this stay, their cholesterol level decreased by 72 points, while their quality of sleep improved from 60 to 66 percent. During his stay underwater, he exercised for an hour a day, which maintained his muscle mass but reduced his body weight and increased his metabolic rate.

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