Who gave Aamir Khan the title ' Mr Perfectionist ', and for what reason?
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Actor Aamir Khan, known as Mr Perfectionist in Bollywood, has revealed who gave him this title and why. Aamir Khan recently participated in the Netflix comedy show ‘The Great Indian Couple Show’, and this was the first time that Aamir Khan participated in any comedy program.

During the interview, the actor claimed that only one woman, Shabana Azmi, was to blame for the label of ‘perfectionist’ that I had received. So Aamir Khan replied, “Shabana Azmi.”

Aamir Khan further said that ‘When I was new to cinema and was shooting Dil, the director of this film was Indira Kumar, and Baba Azmi (brother of Shabana Azmi) was the cameraman. Baba Azmi was the top cameraman. We used to visit their house frequently. “One day, during a deep discussion about movies at their house, Shabana Ji brought tea for us and asked Aamir, ‘How much will you take?'” the actor said.

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