USA: Police shot and killed a black man Air Force officer
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Florida: Police in the US entered the wrong house for a raid and shot dead a black man who turned out to be a US Air Force officer. According to American media, a police raid team in the state of Florida knocked on a house, which the black Air Force officer in the house thought was an attack by robbers, and took out his official pistol.

When the police saw a black man coming out of the house with a pistol, they fired indiscriminately without thinking or warning. The said person received six bullets and died on the spot. He was later identified as Roger Fortson, an American Air Force officer. The family has demanded a transparent investigation from the government.

On the other hand, the identity of the black American Air Force officer who fired the shots is not being revealed, and he has been sent on extended leave. Police say that the police officer fired in self-defense after seeing the pistol in Roger Fartson’s hand. Keep in mind that racist and discriminatory treatment of black people by the police in America is common. The police consider every black person to be a criminal, so these incidents continue to happen.

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