US Senate Aid Package Approved $95 Billion for Israel, Ukraine, and Taiwan
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US Senate Aid Package Approved  $95 Billion for Israel, Ukraine, and Taiwan, After the US House of Representatives, the Congress (Senate) also approved a $95 billion aid package for Israel, Ukraine, and Taiwan. According to US media, Congress approved the aid package bill for Israel, Ukraine, and Taiwan by a clear majority of 79 to 18.

Of the $95 billion package approved by the Senate, $61 billion will be for Ukraine and Taiwan, while $26.1 billion will be for Israel’s military support. Billions of dollars will be earmarked for human rights-based aid in Gaza.

U.S. President Joe Biden called the approval of the package by the Senate important and said that the approval of the bill will make our nation and the world more secure, such as by fighting the terrorism of our friend Hamas and the oppression of Russian President Vladimir Putin. are doing

According to foreign media, the package approved for Israel and Ukraine is expected to be signed by the US president soon. Senator Chuck Schumer, the leader of the Democrats in Congress, said that after six months of hard work and several twists, the United States sent a clear message to the world that we do not turn our backs on our allies.

It should be remembered that a similar bill was passed by Congress in February of this year, but the bill was submitted to the US House of Representatives for approval due to the opposition of the conservative group to supporting financial aid to Ukraine.

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