Ukraine missile attack on Russia; 13 killed and 31 injured
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Moscow: A 10-story residential building collapsed in a missile attack on the Russian city of Belgorod in Ukraine, resulting in 13 deaths and 31 injuries. According to the World News Agency, Ukraine fired several ballistic missiles and RM-70 Vampire rockets at the city of Moscow, some of which hit a residential building.

It is Ukraine’s biggest attack on Russia since the start of the war, with massive casualties. After the missile hit, the 10-story residential building immediately collapsed, and dozens of people were buried under the debris. Before the attack, many residents came out of the building because of the sirens.

However, when the missile hit the building, there were more than 100 people inside. During the rescue operations, 13 bodies were removed from the wreckage, while 31 injured were shifted to the hospital. The condition of nine of the injured is critical, due to which the death toll is expected to increase.

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