Trump Lawyer Clashes with Michael Cohen in Heated Hush Money Case Trial
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Confrontation between Trump’s lawyer and Michael Cohen in the hush money case – ‘It was a lie!’

Accusations of Lying Intensify Tensions in Courtroom

Donald Trump‘s lawyer on Thursday fired back at prosecutors, accusing their main witness of repeatedly lying, raising tensions and voices.

Michael Cohen‘s Direct Conversations with Trump About Hush Money

In the most tense day of questions and answers, Mr Trump’s former fixer, Michael Cohen, recalled speaking directly to the former president about paying an adult film actress a hush money.

Attorney Todd Blanch Labels Cohen’s Testimony as a “Lie”

But attorney Todd Blanch almost screamed that Cohen’s testimony was a “lie.”

Jury Observes Intense Exchange Between Defense and Witness

He said records show Cohen called Mr. Trump’s bodyguard about a prank caller. The alternative theory is that Mr. Blanche’s phone call was meant to cast doubt on Cohen’s third day of testimony; the jury watched the heated debate with rapt attention.

Background of Trump’s 34 Felony Charges and Allegations

After an intense moment, Mr Blanche returned to the defence table and sat with his client. When the judge announced the afternoon break, the room collectively gasped. Mr Trump faces 34 felony charges, including falsifying business records, for allegedly passing off payments to Cohen as legal expenses when, in fact, they were hush money to movie star Stormy Daniels. There was a return to pay, who claimed she had sex with Mr Trump.

Cohen Stands by His Testimony Amidst Intense Cross-Examination

Prosecutors allege that Mr. Trump tried to hide damaging information from the public to protect his 2016 presidential campaign. Mr Trump has pleaded not guilty to all charges and has denied having sex with Ms Daniels. Cohen, under pressure on Thursday, maintained his earlier statement was true, saying he spoke to Mr Trump about the payment to Ms Daniels on October 24, 2016. Earlier this week, prosecutors questioned Cohen about the call to prove direct knowledge of Mr. Trump’s alleged payment plan. Cohen testified that he had kept his boss informed of every step of the payment process for Ms. Daniels.

Defense Highlights Cohen’s Credibility Issues and Past Crimes

Because the payment is in the centre’s testimony, prosecutors must establish whether Mr Trump knew about the alleged fraudulent refund scheme. However, Cohen’s criminal record, history of lying to Congress, and public criticism of Mr. Trump make him a poor witness. In 2018, he pleaded guilty to federal campaign finance charges over the hush money payments but maintained that he sent the money at Mr Trump’s direction. The defence spent nearly two days exaggerating Cohen’s credibility problems and trying to portray him as a liar with a vendetta against Mr Trump.

Dramatic Confrontation Over October 24, 2016 Phone Call

On Thursday morning, Mr. Blanch played a recording from Cohen’s podcast, “Mea Culpa,” in which the witness expressed his desire for the former president to go through with the arrest process and said of Mr. Trump, “I want this guy to go down.” Mr. Blanch also questioned Cohen about a social media post where he called the former president “donkey Donald.”

“Does the outcome of this trial affect you personally?” Mr. Blanche asked him.

“Yes,” Cohen replied.

The president’s counsel questioned Cohen about his guilty pleas to repeatedly lying to Congress and his earlier statements that the tax evasion charges were unfair.

After hours of similar questions, a dramatic confrontation ensued over the phone call on October 24, 2016. Mr Blanch asked Cohen if he remembered the harassing phone calls in late October 2016. Cohen confirmed that he remembered. Mr. Blanch then showed an October 24 conversation between Cohen and Mr. Trump’s bodyguard, Keith Schiller, about dealing with prank calls.

In the middle of their conversation about the prank caller, Cohen and Mr Schiller had a call, which Cohen previously testified he had with Mr Trump to discuss the payment to Ms Daniels. Who was that call? It lasted one minute and 36 seconds. Mr Blanche expressed scepticism that Cohen could talk about both a prank call and a six-figure payout in such a short period.

But Cohen said part of the call was about the “14-year-old” behind the calls. He said he knew Mr. Schiller was with his boss at the time and that the call was not just about harassment. Cohen insisted that he always did “everything with the boss” immediately and did the same in this call. This response elicited a dramatic reaction from Mr. Blanche: “It. was. a. lie,” he declared loudly.

Republican Lawmakers Show Support for Trump in Courtroom

Several Republican members of Congress filled their seats behind Mr. Trump on Tuesday, showing partisan support.

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