TikTok Announces Major Feature Change to Hit YouTube
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The globally popular video-sharing app TikTok has also announced a significant change in its plans. In an interview with a technology website, TikTok management announced that the TikTok app is offering users the ability to upload hours-long videos, announcing TikTok, a competitor to Google’s popular video application, YouTube. It is being imagined.

TikTok has been gradually increasing its features. Earlier in January, It extended the video length to half an hour for some users, while other users could only upload 10-minute shorts.

Technology Web reports that if TikTok allows the uploading of 60-minute videos, users will not need to split an episode into multiple parts. A subscription is required to upload minute-long videos.

It should be noted that TikTok started its journey with vertical and shot videos, but over time, the company was given a tough time by the Reels feature on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. After that, TikTok has now introduced its users to YouTube and is focused on delivering the same experience.

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