The worst treatment of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli detention centers is revealed
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It has been revealed that Palestinian prisoners detained by Israel’s Netanyahu regime are being treated worse than animals. Three Israeli nationals who work at a detention center told CNN that some of the inmates suffered injuries from repeated handcuffing that required amputating their hands.

According to the American media, the Israeli citizens who made these revelations have worked in the detention center at the military base in the Negev desert. Revealing the worst treatment of Palestinian prisoners, an Israeli citizen has also released pictures of the prisoners, in which it can be seen that the Palestinians imprisoned in barbed wire are blindfolded.

Israeli citizens revealed that untrained medical personnel were sent to the detention center for operations and that the center smelled of wounds. He said that in the hospital of the detention center, the prisoners were bound only in diapers; they were subjected to constant torture, and the purpose of this torture was not to obtain information but only revenge. The Israeli citizens who disclosed this have dared to expose atrocities committed against Palestinian prisoners despite their fear of action against them.

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