The bill to ban TikTok in the United States became law after President Joe Biden signed it
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The TikTok ban in the United States became law after President Joe Biden signed the bill. In just one week in the US, a national security package was passed into law, including a bill that would ban TikTok. First, the House of Representatives Congress approved the bill to ban Tik Tok on April 20, and then the Senate on April 24. Now US President Joe Biden has signed this bill, after which it has become law.

Under this law, ByteDance, Tik Tok’s parent company, has been given two options. In order to save ByteDance from being banned by TikTok in the US, it will have to sell it to an American company for the next 9 months (the US president can extend this period to 12 months if there is any progress) or the social media platform will be banned. Will face.

Keep in mind that Tik Tok has more than one billion users worldwide, and America is its biggest market. More than 17 million US citizens use TikTok, and this is the reason why the social media company has issued an official response to US law. In a statement released on X (Twitter), Tik Tok called this ban unconstitutional.

According to the company, the unconstitutional law to ban Tik Tok will be challenged in court on our behalf. The statement went on, “We think the law and the facts are clearly in our favor.” The company said that we have invested billions of dollars to protect US data on our platform and that this ban would be devastating to 7 million businesses while silencing 170 million US citizens.

Tik Tok has previously won court cases against state-level bans against Tik Tok in the US. In 2023, a federal court struck down a ban on TikTok in the state of Montana, saying it violated users’ free speech rights. The United States considers TikTok a threat to national security, while the company has been trying to assure the US government for years that this popular app is not a threat to American security.

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