The Gaza war had terrible psychological effects, leading to the suicide of 10 Israeli soldiers
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Tel Aviv: Since the October 7 attack by Hamas, 10 Israeli soldiers have committed suicide during the Gaza war. The Israeli newspaper Haaretz revealed that some of the suicide soldiers took their own lives during clashes with Hamas in Gaza. Young men, as well as officers up to major and lieutenant colonel, are among those who committed suicide, and experts say that the war has badly affected the soldiers mentally and psychologically.

According to the report, the tendency to commit suicide is especially high among soldiers in their thirties and forties, and this is a very unexpected situation for the Israeli army, which it has never had to deal with before. The Israeli army still names suicide victims, but he is also reluctant to give details. Military experts say that suicides in the military tend to occur among young men who are in training or their early years of service, but the soldiers who committed suicide in Israel were between the ages of 30 and 40. Given these circumstances, the Israeli army has declared these suicides as war casualties.

In its report, Haaretz highlighted the suicide of an army officer, discovered dead in his car two weeks after the start of Operation al-Aqsa Storm, following an investigation that revealed he had shot himself. The Israeli army’s investigation report revealed that the attack by Hamas had psychological effects on the soldiers, despite finding no correlation between these suicides and the events of October 7.

According to Haaretz’s report, the army has officially declared 620 soldiers dead since the start of the Gaza war. However, in army records, the actual number of soldiers killed is 637, and the additional 17 are those who died in accidents and committed suicide but were not officially declared dead. The newspaper also emphasized that the Israeli military is concealing data on personnel suicides and has consistently refused to release information on the number of soldiers who have committed suicide in the past.

Yusei Levy Bales, an Israeli University professor and psychologist, called these suicide cases very surprising, saying that we are not used to committing suicide during the war; such cases usually occur after the war is over. It happens when soldiers suffer from post-war trauma and guilt, but these extraordinary events provide a measure of the magnitude of the horrors in Gaza and their impact on the mental state of the soldiers who faced them.

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