Added spell check and autocorrect to Microsoft Notepad
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Noteworthy Update Added spell check and autocorrect to Microsoft Notepad, After four decades, Microsoft has added features to the Notepad app that users have been waiting for a long time. Yes, Microsoft is adding features like spell check and autocorrect to the Notepad app, and so it will be 40 years later, the company announced in a blog post.

According to the blog post, these features are currently being rolled out to beta users. These features will be available in the Notepad app on the Windows 11 operating system in the near future. Keep in mind that Microsoft introduced Notepad in 1983, and since then it hasn’t been significantly changed.

But in recent times, Microsoft has made many useful updates to it. Notable among these updates are character count and artificial intelligence (AI) assistant co-pilot specifications. Notepad will now highlight misspelled words and provide a facility to correct them.

The autocorrect feature will automatically correct misspelled words. According to the company, these two features will be enabled by default in most files but disabled in coding files. Users will be able to enable or disable these features by going to Notepad’s settings.

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