Is it difficult to speak English? So now Google will help you
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Well, to know everything on the internet, people turn to Google. But if you want to learn to speak English, then Google is ready to help you with that, too.

In recent years, Google has introduced a number of services, such as Google Assistant and Translate, that provide assistance in translating different languages. But now Google has introduced a service that will help users speak or learn English with the help of Google search using Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology.

Users can improve their English speaking ability through a feature called Speaking Practice. According to the company, the feature was initially introduced in Argentina, Colombia, Indonesia, India, Mexico, and Venezuela, and it is designed to improve users’ ability to speak English.

This feature is based on a feature introduced in October 2023 that also aimed to help people speak English. In the October 2023 feature, users were asked to practice sentences, but the practice process has been enhanced with Speaking Practice. Under this feature, users are asked a question related to the phrases used during the conversation, which has to be answered in specific words.

According to the company, the feature aims to help users communicate in English, and they will also be able to learn how different words are used in sentences. This will help Google compete with Duolingo and other apps that help people speak or write different languages. Google will also have an edge over other apps thanks to Google Search, which billions of people use.

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