some Arab Leaders want Israel's victory in the Gaza war, Netanyahu
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Tel Aviv: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has claimed that some Arab leaders want Israel to win the Gaza war.

According to the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, the Israeli Prime Minister said in an interview given to Dr. Phil McGrath on YouTube, “The first responsibility of the government is to protect the people. We have to admit that we have not been able to provide security for our people. The government left the Israeli people unprotected on October 7.

To a question, he said that these were clear failures, and first of all, the failure of the  government, because the primary responsibility of the government is to protect the people, and we have to admit that the people were not protected.

“I hold myself and everyone else responsible for this,” he said. We have to examine how this incident happened. What was an intelligence failure and what was a military failure? However, I believe that preventing another failure is the most crucial thing to accomplish at this time.

“After the war is over, we will have to do a full investigation into what happened and how it happened, but I think our goal now is to win,” the prime minister said.

Asked about the future of Gaza after the war, he said, “There will probably be a civilian government made up of people in Gaza who don’t want us destroyed, possibly the United Arab Emirates, who want peace and stability.” This government will be formed with the help of Saudi Arabia and other countries.

According to the prime minister, several Arab leaders have an interest in Israel destroying Hamas as well, albeit they keep it a secret. They tell us that if you don’t destroy Hamas, the Iranian axis will win, and we will be the next target.

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