A few moments of solitude in the daily routine are essential for mental health
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Hong Kong: While it’s commonly believed that spending more time with friends or family improves overall health, recent research reveals that mental health and social life also benefit greatly from some alone time. In his recent study, Ken Fung, director of therapy and psychologist at the Jadis Blurton Family Development Centre in Hong Kong, dispelled the misconceptions associated with loneliness and encouraged people to spend some alone time on their own.

He said that there is a difference between spending time alone and feeling lonely. Spending time alone is an option, while loneliness is a state of feeling disconnected. This phenomenon persists even in the presence of kind indiPsychologists assert that our mind perpetually engages in various mental activities, categorized into two states: ‘action’ and’rest’.nd’rest.’

Usually, we are more in ‘action’ mode, which refers to the steps we would take to achieve our daily goals. Although it has its benefits, it can be harmful to our mental health when we are in the same mood all day.

However, the state of “stay” often receives the least attention. In this state, you are not busy with anything but spending some time with yourself. This time helps to clarify what is going on in life or the current situation, provide insight, and develop effective action plans. Spending time in solitude helps us understand and connect with our thoughts and feelings. Everyone needs it, whether they are extroverts or introverts.

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