Saudi Arabia's decision to test flying vehicles during Hajj this year
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Saudi Arabia announces plans to introduce flying vehicles during the 2024 Hajj season, aiming to enhance pilgrim journey experiences and emergency response capabilities.

Flying passenger vehicles or flying taxis will be tested by Saudi Arabia during the 2024 Hajj season. This was confirmed by the Minister of Transport of Saudi Arabia, Saleh bin Nasir al-Jasser while talking to the Arab media. He said that flying vehicles will be tested during Hajj.

According to the Saudi minister, the purpose of this program is to facilitate the journey of Haj pilgrims to Makkah. According to media reports, a partnership has been made between the Saudi government and a company called Volocopter for this purpose. German company Volocopter’s vertical take-off and landing vehicles will transport pilgrims from King Abdulaziz Airport in Jeddah to hotels in Makkah. Along with this, these flying vehicles will also serve as emergency response vehicles.

Air taxis are different from traditional helicopters and are being touted as a cost-effective solution. According to reports, these flying vehicles will complete their test flights at the Saudi project Neom in the northwest. The plan has been confirmed by the Saudi minister, but it is not clear how many Hajj pilgrims will have the opportunity to travel in test flights of these vehicles this year.

However, this report has also come out that about 100 Lilium aircraft will also be purchased by the authorities which will be used as air taxis. These eco-friendly rides will be used to improve Hajj operations. Currently, there are no reports of their use in other fields.

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