Salman Khan also became a fan of Pakistani karate master Shahzaib Rind
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Salman Khan Joins Ranks of Fans: Admires Pakistani Karate Master Shahzaib Rind

Dubai: Shahzaib Rind, a Pakistani karate master, has also gained admirers in Salman Khan, Imran Abbas, and Sanjay Dutt’s son.

Pakistan defeated India 2-1 in Karate Combat 45, held in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). After the victory, Pakistani karate master Shahzeb Rind was met by Indian superstar Salman Khan. This time, Sanjay Dutt was accompanied by his kid as well. Salman Khan congratulated Shahzaib Rind with a hug and said, You are knocking out everywhere in 20 seconds, man.

The Indian actor also introduced Sanjay Dutt’s son to the Pakistani karate master. At the end of the match, Shahzaib Rind was asked why he was carrying the flags of the two countries, to which he replied that we are not enemies, we are friends, and the purpose of this fight is to bring closer the ties between the two countries. Shahzaib Rind also expressed gratitude to Pakistani actor Imran Abbas for traveling to Dubai for the fight, stating that he has matured in regards to Bollywood icon Salman Khan. watching you since he was 55; he is my superstar.

It should be noted that the Pakistani karate master slapped the Indian captain, Rana Singh, during the press conference before the event.

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