Hero taken with Rekha but Salma Agha not allowed to film: Javed Sheikh
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Pakistan’s senior actor Javed Sheikh says that because of Salma Agha, he had to suffer a lot in his showbiz career.

Javed Sheikh recently made a guest appearance on a YouTube channel, during which he talked about his showbiz career as well as his failed marriages. Javed Sheikh said that after divorce, I got married to Salma Agha, which lasted for 3 years. A lot of time is needed to recount the many events of this 3-year marriage.

Talking about the losses in her showbiz career due to Salma Agha, Javed Sheikh said that after marriage, Salma Agha used to go to India. Whatever films were offered to me, I used to tell Salma Agha. I was selected for the film ‘Bangkok Ke Chor’. At that time, the film team had reached Bangkok, and I was also supposed to reach there in the next 10 to 15 days, but Salma Agha forbade me to film the bad parts of the film. After which, Izhar Qazi was cast in the film.
According to Javed Shaikh, I was then doing the film ‘Khon Bhari Maang’ in India, for which I was cast as the hero and Rekha as the heroine, but Salma forced me out of the film here as well. Kabir Bedi was cast in my place.

The senior actor said, “I have never been greedy, because if I had been greedy, I would have divorced Salma Agha first by doing this film.”

It should be noted that earlier, Javed Sheikh had talked about his marriage to Salma Agha in one of his interviews. I was doing the film ‘Hum Aur Tum’ and Salma Agha was also with me, during which she supported me a lot. Later, he offered me marriage, but this marriage also lasted for 3 years. I have no children from Salma Agha, and after separation from Salma Agha, I did not remarry because I thought that people would not think that I kept getting married.

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