Sadiq Khan was elected Mayor of London for the third time
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The British Pakistani candidate of the Labor Party, Sadiq Khan, was elected Mayor of London for the third time. The son of a Pakistani bus driver completed the hat trick of becoming the Mayor of London. In London, there was fierce competition between Sadiq Khan of the Labor Party and Susan Hall of the Conservative Party for the election of the mayor.

It should be noted that Sadiq Khan was elected Mayor of London for the first time in 2016. In 2016, Sadiq Khan defeated Zac Goldsmith, the brother of Jemima, the former wife of former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, and the Conservative candidate. Before becoming Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan served as an MP from 2005 to 2016.

Sadiq Khan, 53, was born in Tooting, London, and earned a law degree from the University of London. Sadiq Khan started politics as a councilor of Winsworth Council. As the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan introduced the unique Hopper scheme, under which passengers can change buses and trams as many times as they want for an hour. Sadiq Khan also introduced the controversial Alteration Zone scheme to improve London’s air quality.

Sadiq Khan was among those who raised their voices against atrocities against Palestinians in Gaza. In the recent election, Sadiq Khan promised to freeze free school meals and rent. Sadiq Khan also promised to increase the number of police officers and build more council houses. Born in London in 1970, Sadiq Khan’s parents immigrated to Britain from Pakistan. His father was a bus driver, and he was brought up in a council-provided flat.

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