Power Book II: Ghost unveils Tariq's 'Apex Predator' secret.
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The season finale of ‘Power Book II: Ghost’ is scheduled to premiere in two seasons, the first on June 7 and the second on September 6.

The trailer for the final season of the next Power Book II: Ghost was released on Thursday.


Michael Rainey Jr. Tariq St. Patrick will play the role of ‘apex predator’ in full form in this season.


The trailer shows Tariq struggling with his heritage and the influence of his late father, Ghost, who he killed in season 6 of the original Power series.


“Tata tried her best to keep me away from this. Now see how I have become,” Tariq says in the trailer.


Caroline Chikezie, who played the role of Noma, expresses a terrible intention in the trailer, saying, “I want you, me and all my loved ones, death.”


This sets the stage for a season where Tariq will have to outwit his enemies to save himself and his love.


Power Book II: Ghost season 4, finale, is set to premiere in two parts, the first part on June 7 and the second part on September 6.

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