Muhammad Noorul Hasan entered the series 'Salahuddin Ayyubi'
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Turkey: The role of Pakistani senior actor Muhammad Noorul Hasan has come to light in the joint Pakistan-Turkey series Salahuddin Ayubi, which is based on Islamic history. A web series based on the history of Islamic conquests, ‘Salahuddin Ayubi’ is a joint project between Pakistan and Turkey. The series is a joint production of Pakistan’s Ansari Films and Turkey’s Akli Films.

A few months ago, the series “Salahuddin Ayyubi” started airing in Turkey, but now, from May 6 this month, the broadcast of this series in Urdu has also started in Pakistan. Pakistani fans were quite excited about the series, but their joy increased when they saw Pakistan’s senior actor Muhammad Noorul Hasan on the sets of the series ‘Salahuddin Ayubi‘.

Mohammad Noorul Hasan posted some videos and pictures on his official Instagram handle that were made on the sets during the shooting of ‘Salahuddin Ayubi‘.


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