No Progress in Cairo Talks, and operations in Rafah will continue
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Cairo talks ended without a result, and operations in Rafah will continue, Israeli officials, A senior Israeli official says that ongoing negotiations in Cairo regarding the Gaza ceasefire have ended in vain. According to a foreign news agency, an Israeli official said that the Israeli delegation participating in the negotiations had informed the negotiators of their reservations about the proposals of Hamas.

The Israeli official said that the Israeli delegation is returning from Cairo and that Israel will continue the military campaign in other areas of the Gaza Strip, including Rafah, as per the plan. It should be noted that after several attempts at a ceasefire, Hamas announced on Monday that it had accepted the ceasefire agreement proposed by Egypt and Qatar. Still, Israel, showing stubbornness, not only rejected the agreement. Rejected, but also launched a ground attack in the Rafah area of Gaza.

Millions of displaced Palestinians took refuge in the Rafah region of southern Gaza, where they were forced to relocate once again as a result of the Israeli attack. Along with the ground attack on Rafah, the Israeli forces have also cut Gaza’s land connection with Egypt by capturing the Rafah border crossing.

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