Nishu Begum Faces Marriage Proposal
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A marriage proposal has been made to Nishu Begum, the well-known former movie actress. In a recent video that she uploaded to her YouTube page, Nashu Begum claims that she is getting proposals from individuals these days.

In her video, the actress said that there was a lot of talk in the media regarding my marriages and a lot of mentions. Nowadays, I don’t know why people are asking me to get married, while some people are even teasing me. Nishu Begum’s It is said that among those who have offered me marriage, many people are serious and say, “Do you want to live alone?” These things are of the most delicious kind and are good for all ages.

She said that people are advising me to get married and saying that I should consider it. What should I consider? I will not take any such step. The media forcefully says about showbiz women that marriage is marriage. I am like that. I will not let anything happen.

Nishu Begum said that I am very happy in my life. It is a different thing that time does not know anything, but still, I am not getting married at present. I thank those who are offering marriage. He said that some people are also loving people who should be valued.

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