Nicholas Galitzine Opens Up About Working with Anne Hathaway
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Nicholas Galitzine Opens Up About Working with Anne Hathaway

Nicholas Galitzine recently opened up approximately operating with Anne Hathaway.

As lovers will realize, the duo stars in the approaching rom-com The Idea of You and is presently selling this movie.

For this cause, the Purple Hearts alum sat down for a candid chat with British Vogue and shared that with Eileen, “there was this immediate connection” that he felt.

He additionally defined, “We’re in a project that requires chemistry. If you don’t have it, it just feels clunky; it won’t work.”
Confessing his admiration for The Princess Diaries hitmaker, Nicholas claimed, “It was a piece of a no-brainer, really.”


He also touched on his most favored Anne Hathaway film and remarked, “That’s like deciding on your favorite baby,” before admitting, “However, The Devil Wears Prada is such an entire film.”
Nicholas additionally added, “And Love & Other Drugs, she’s heartbreaking.”
“But that’s the element approximately Annie, her gift as an actor is her form of attracts you in together with her sweetness and her appeal, after which sucker punches you along with her emotional capabilities. It’s tough to pick out,” he introduced.

Wrapping up the chat, he jokingly said, “We should ask what her favorite film of mine is!”

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