New record of illegal arrivals to Britain by sea
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A new record of people coming to Britain illegally by sea has been set. According to the British media, more than 700 migrants arrived in Britain by sea on Wednesday. According to the Home Office, 711 people came to Britain on 14 boats, with an average of 51 people on board.

This year, the total number of people who entered the UK illegally by sea has reached 8,278. This number is 34% higher than the number of immigrants who came to Britain during the same period last year. In the year 2023, from January to April, 6 thousand 192 immigrants arrived in the UK by sea, while in 2022, during this period, 6 thousand 945 immigrants arrived in the UK by sea.

This year, the largest number of migrants arriving in the UK by sea are from Vietnam. Last year, a total of 29,437 people came to Britain by sea, while in 2022, 45,774 people came to Britain. After the government enacted the Safety of Rwanda Bill, 1,611 people have reached Britain on 32 boats. Following the Safety of Rwanda Act, the government has been given the power to deport illegal immigrants to Rwanda.

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