An expert claims to have solved the major mystery of the famous painting Mona Lisa after 500 years
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If we talk about the world of painting, the painting Mona Lisa by the Italian artist Leonardo da Vinci can be considered the most popular. The painting was completed sometime between 1503 and 1517, and for centuries, people have wanted to know who the woman is and where the scene behind her is.

Now it seems that at least the background mystery is solved. Until now, some historians have said that the background of the painting is fictional, while others have linked it to different places in Italy. But a woman geologist and historian claims to have solved the mystery of the world’s most famous painting. Ann Pizzorusso, using her expertise in both fields, pointed out that many of the Mona Lisa’s background features are similar to those of the Lecco region of northern Italy’s famous Lake Como.

He compared the bridge, mountain range, and lake depicted in the painting to the 14th-century Azzone Visconti bridge and the surroundings of Lecco.

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