Meta AI Models: Utilizing Public Photos for Advanced Training
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Insights into Meta AI Models Use of Facebook and Instagram Images for AI Development.

Millions or billions of photos are posted on Facebook and Instagram every day. But what does Meta Company do with the photos stored on its servers? Images posted by Meta on Instagram and Facebook are being used to train Meta AI models based on artificial intelligence (AI) technology. This was revealed during an interview by Meta’s Chief Product Officer, Chris Kos.

He said that all publicly available images on Facebook and Instagram are used to train the text-to-image generator model, Emo. He said that we do not use private content for data training; we also train AI models from public photos only, not using photos that people have shared with their friends.

Meta’s text-to-image model can produce surprisingly high-quality images, he said, because Instagram has countless images of art, fashion, culture, and more. Users can generate images by writing images to the MetaAI chatbot or by visiting its website. AI models require data to function, and large technology companies use data on the Internet for this purpose.

While companies can face problems when using copyright data, Meta has an edge over others in this regard, as countless images are posted on Instagram and Facebook every day. Meta Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg mentioned during an interview in April 2024 that user feedback loops are also being used for data training. He said that feedback loops are more effective.

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