A mentally demanding job may protect against mental illness
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Oslo: A mentally demanding job can reduce your chances of mental illness, a new study has suggested. In a study conducted at Oslo University Hospital in Norway, researchers examined 7,000 people from 305 different occupations.The research found that the more emphasis is placed on the brain at work, the less likely it is to experience thinking and memory problems later in life.

A study published in the journal Neurology found that jobs that stimulate the mind but are not repetitive are good for the brain. While people who work like cleaning have more risks of this disorder,.The researchers examined the brain activity of the study participants due to their jobs and divided them into four groups based on the results.

The analysis found that people whose jobs were less mentally demanding were 42 percent more likely to have mild cognitive impairment. While those who had a job that required more mental abilities were 27 percent more likely to experience these problems,.

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