People say Subhan Allah or Astaghfir Allah when they see me, Mathira
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Pakistani model and host Mathira says that when she goes on a plane trip, most people see her and read Subhan Allah or Astaghfirullah.

An interview clip of Mathira given to a private TV is going viral on social media, in which the host asks her, When you travel by plane, what is the reaction of common people when they see you? Because a plane journey is a journey where you have to travel with people for two to three hours, what happens during that time? Seeing you, people run to meet you with joy.

In response, Mathira said that there are no people who run away from me, but when I am on the plane, most of the people see me and recite Subhan Allah Astaghfirullah; that’s all I can hear.

Mathira said, “I don’t know why people say that, but that’s what happens. However, on the other hand, there are crew members who are very nice, and they work for you.” He added that I think it is good to become a star in Pakistan because I never stand in line. As a star, I am respected separately because it is the love of all of them, and we should value that love. .

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