The American member of Congress Ken Calvert indicated the preparation of the space war
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Republican American Congressman Ken Calvert has hinted at the preparation of a space war and said that the US military will set up bases on the moon to deal with Russia and China. Ken Calvert, chairman of the US House of Representatives’ defense subcommittee, said he fears China will station its military on the surface of the moon, while Russia will place multi-ton bombs in Earth’s orbit.

He said that it would be a direct threat that if any action were taken against Russia, Moscow would detonate a bomb whose radiation effects would destroy everything in this part of the Earth’s low orbit. The member of Congress said that the US space force will also be activated; discussions are ongoing in this regard, and at some point the space force will be deployed on the moon.

According to Ken Calvert, there’s a chance that by the end of this decade, the US will build a military facility on the moon. According to the American newspaper, in 2021, Russia and China announced that they intended to establish the International Lunar Research Station.

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