The Joker sequel trailer has taken the internet by storm
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The trailer for the sequel to the Hollywood blockbuster crime thriller ‘Joker’ has been released.

The trailer for the sequel to Hollywood’s 2019 Spurlin psychological thriller ‘Joker’ has been released, also featuring Lady Gaga in the lead role.

The supervillain movie ‘Joker’ was released in October 2019 and earned a record 1.5 billion dollars. The role of the Joker in the film was played by Jacqueline Phoenix, who also won an Oscar for Best Actor.

The Joker’s fellow powerful female villain, Harley Quinn, was not included in the first film, but she has been included in the new film. The famous singer and actress Lady Gaga played the role of Harley Quinn in ‘Joker: Folly a Deux’.

The trailer for the film suggests that while the sequel will retain the story of the first film, the new film will take the story forward.The film will also feature Jacqueline Phoenix playing the role of the Joker’s Arthur, a musical villain, while Lady Gaga will be supporting him.

The film is directed, produced, and co-written by Todd Phillips.

‘Joker: Folly a Deux’ is expected to be released in October 2024, with the sequel being released five years after the first film.

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