3 Alarming Realities: The Israeli Ground Operation in Rafah
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Israeli Ground Operation in Rafah: Hamas’ Defense Strategy and International Response.

Israeli ground operation in Rafah: The Palestinian resistance organisation Hamas has said that the operation in Rafah will not be a picnic for the Israeli army. Reacting to the Israeli army’s preparations for a ground operation in Rafah, Hamas says that it is fully prepared to defend its people. Hamas leader Izzat al-Rashq said Israel’s ground operation in Rafah would jeopardise the ceasefire talks.

Hamas has called on the international community to take immediate steps to stop the Israeli operation in Rafah. It should be noted that the Israeli army has issued orders to the civilians taking refuge in Rafah to leave the area immediately, as a result of which the citizens have started to evacuate from East Rafah. Amid concerns about Israeli aggression in Gaza, 1.5 million Palestinian residents have sought safety in Rafah.

An Israeli army spokesperson says that we are evacuating 100,000 people from eastern Rafah ahead of the expected ground operation. According to a foreign news agency, Egypt has also put its army on high alert along the Gaza border in the northern Sinai desert in view of the expected Israeli operation in Rafah. It should be remembered that the international community has already warned Israel of the disastrous consequences of a ground operation in Rafah.

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