Israel pulls back from operations in Rafah; possibility of agreement on the Gaza ceasefire
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The ongoing war between Israel and Hamas for more than six months has seen significant progress, and the possibility of reaching an agreement regarding the Gaza ceasefire is being shown. Negotiations under the leadership of the US and Egypt are continuing in Cairo to negotiate a cease-fire agreement in Gaza, while Israeli officials and the leadership of Hamas are also present in Cairo, the capital of Egypt. In this regard, the Israeli media claims that there is a possibility of an agreement on the Gaza ceasefire in Cairo, but there will be several stages to the agreement.

According to Israeli media, the Israeli army will not attack Gaza again, and Hamas will release the Israeli hostages in stages. Israeli media have also claimed that Israel has agreed to release Palestinian prisoners and that Israel will not prevent the return of Palestinians to northern Gaza. Media reports have also claimed that Israel will not attack Gaza’s Rafah area along the Egyptian border.

Hamas to offer a revised formula in response to Israeli proposals: Saudi officials

According to Egyptian media, if an agreement is reached between Hamas and Israel, Hezbollah will stop firing from southern Lebanon. The senior Saudi official said that while Hamas is satisfied with US guarantees of an end to the war and a complete withdrawal of Israeli forces from the Gaza Strip, it appears that Hamas will present a revised formula in response to the Israeli proposals today.

According to media reports, Israel will ratify the deal only if it agrees to the amendments that Hamas has demanded. It should be remembered that Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, who is obsessed with the genocide of Palestinians, has repeatedly said that no matter what happens, the Rafah operation will definitely happen, and we will continue the war until the end of Hamas.

On the other hand, media reports have stated that US Secretary of State Anthony Blanken has conveyed a clear message to the Qatari authorities that Israel has presented its proposals for the agreement, and if Hamas does not sign an agreement, they should be deported.

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