Israel closed Qatari TV channel, Al Jazeera
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Israeli Government Orders Closure of Qatari TV Channel Amid Growing Tensions.

Israel has suspended the broadcast of Qatari TV channel Al Jazeera. According to a foreign news agency, Israeli satellite and cable providers have stopped broadcasting the Al Jazeera channel. The Israeli Satellite Service reports that the Israeli government has halted Al Jazeera’s broadcasting in Israel. It should be noted that the Cabinet of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu approved the closure of the Al Jazeera channel.

According to Arab media, the Israeli cabinet unanimously decided to close Al Jazeera’s operation in Israel, while the Israeli parliament had already voted in favor of the temporary closure of the Al Jazeera channel. Israeli Information Minister Shlomo Karhi announced the closure of Al Jazeera in his social media post, saying that he had signed the order to close the Al Jazeera channel, and this order will take effect immediately.

According to Arab media, the Israeli Minister of Information’s orders will initially be in force for 45 days, but after that, the Ministry will have to place this decision before the district court. According to the Israeli media, the government has instructed the Minister of Information to close the Al Jazeera channel in Israel, seal the office of the Al Jazeera channel, and confiscate the computers and mobile phones as well.

The Israeli government has also mandated the restriction of access to Al Jazeera’s website from within Israel. The Al Jazeera Bureau Chief has responded to the Israeli initiative and said that Israel’s decision is dangerous and political. Al Jazeera’s legal team is working to file a lawsuit against the Israeli decision.

According to British media, the Israeli Prime Minister has been trying to stop Al Jazeera’s broadcasting for a long time, accusing it of being anti-Israel. Several Al Jazeera journalists and their families have been martyred during Israeli attacks in Gaza.

On October 25, last year, the wife, son, daughter, grandson, and eight other relatives of the Bureau Chief of Gaza were martyred in an airstrike.

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