No evidence of criminal activity was found in the Iranian president's helicopter crash
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Tehran: Preliminary investigations into the crash of Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi’s helicopter have found no evidence of criminal activity. According to foreign media, the investigation of the Iranian army has said that no evidence of any criminal activity has been found in the accident that happened to the helicopter of President Ibrahim Raisi. According to foreign media, the General Staff of the Iranian Army has prepared a preliminary investigation report of the accident, which states that the helicopter caught fire after hitting a mountain range at a high altitude, while there was no bullet in the wreckage of the helicopter. The hole does not exist.

The report further states that the Iranian President’s helicopter was flying on a pre-planned route; the helicopter did not travel on the pre-planned route before the accident. According to the report, nothing suspicious was heard in the conversation between the watchtower and the flight crew before the crash; the last conversation between the crew of the Iranian president’s helicopter happened about a minute before the crash. The report further stated that the wreckage of the helicopter was found in the northwestern mountain range, which was searched by Iranian drones, while search operations were hampered by heavy fog and extremely low temperatures.

Foreign media say that no one has been charged in the first statement by the Iranian army regarding the helicopter crash of President Ibrahim Raisi; however, the Iranian army will release more details in this regard, which requires some time. It should be noted that the accident happened to the helicopter of the Iranian president on May 18. The Iranian president was returning after inaugurating a dam on the border with Azerbaijan, during which his helicopter made a hard landing.

Along with the Iranian president, the foreign minister, the spokesman of the Iranian supreme leader, and the governor of East Azerbaijan were also killed in the helicopter. After the death of Ibrahim Raisi, Vice President Muhammad Mokhbar has taken over the presidential duties. Iran will hold the regular presidential election on June 28.

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