Iranian President and Army Chief Discuss Bilateral Cooperation in Meeting
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Strengthening Diplomatic Ties: Iranian President Holds Talks with Army Chief

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi meet Army Chief General Asim Munir. According to the Public Relations Department of the Pakistan Army (ISPR), issues of mutual interest were discussed in the meeting. ISPR said that regional peace and stability and border security issues were also discussed in the meeting, and joint efforts for regional stability and economic prosperity were agreed upon.

ISPR says that the need to promote bilateral cooperation was agreed upon in the meeting between the Army Chief and the Iranian President. The Army Chief described the Pakistan-Iran border as a border of peace and friendship. According to ISPR, the Army Chief emphasized the need for better coordination on the border.

On this occasion, the Army Chief said that there is a need to strengthen mutual communication on the Pakistan-Iran border; terrorists will not succeed in their ambitions without better coordination between the two countries. Iran’s President, Ibrahim Raisi, said that peace and stability can be achieved for both countries and the region by promoting cooperation between the two armed forces.

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