Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi Helicopter Accident in East Azerbaijan: Rescue Efforts Hindered by Bad Weather
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Challenges Faced by Rescue Teams as They Search for Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi Helicopter Accident Site in East Azerbaijan Province Amidst Fog and Adverse Weather Conditions.

According to Iran’s official media, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi‘s helicopter had an accident in the Jalfa area of East Azerbaijan province. Still, the rescue teams are facing difficulties due to bad weather.

The Iranian Minister of Interior, Ahmad Vahidi, has confirmed this accident.

Iranian Interior Minister Ahmad Vahidi told an Iranian state TV channel that “several rescue teams” were searching for the helicopter and that “it will take time to reach the crash site” because of “fog and bad weather conditions in the area.”

rescue teams searching for the helicopter
Photo Credit : BBC Urdu

“The situation is under control, and the rescue teams are doing their job,” he said. We hope it will be completed as soon as possible.’

The Iranian president visited East Azerbaijan province on Sunday morning. Along with the president of Azerbaijan, he inaugurated a dam on the border between Azerbaijan and Iran.

According to local media, the accident occurred when President Ebrahim Raisi’s air convoy was traveling to the Iranian city of Tabriz. The accident site is about 50 km north of Tabriz city.

No information regarding the damage caused in this accident has been received yet.

Ahmad Ali Reza Begi, a member of the Iranian parliament elected from Tabriz city, told reporters in Tehran that rescue officials have yet to locate the

accident site map
Accident Site Map – Photo Credit : BBC NEWS



According to the semi-official Iranian news agency Tasnim, two helicopters in this air convoy have returned safely. Neither the Iranian president nor the foreign minister is present in these two helicopters.

In videos broadcast on Iran’s state TV channels, people in Mashhad can be seen praying for the health of President Ebrahim Raisi.

According to officials, the rescue teams are having difficulties reaching the area where the helicopter crashed in the northwestern part of the country due to bad weather.

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