IMF's New Latest Ideas: Electricity and Gas Price Hike, Pensioner Taxation
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Islamabad: The IMF’s New Proposals: Consider raising the price of electricity and gas and taxing pensioners, The IMF has presented new proposals to Pakistan for giving new loans. The IMF delegation to Pakistan on May 15 will decide the main points of the new bailout package of 6 to 8 billion dollars, but before that, the IMF has presented new proposals to Pakistan.

The IMF has proposed to impose more taxes, increase the cost of electricity and gas, tax pensioners, and sell off every loss-making government entity. Sources say that the FBR is ready to reform the pension system and is considering proposals such as taxing less than one lakh pensioners or levying 10% tax on all pensioners, while the government has also been active in this regard. .

Before the IMF mission arrived, the Cabinet decided to fix the budget targets and approve the Budget Strategy Paper, for which it issued instructions to the Ministries. The Ministry of Finance has also started the work of budgeting, debt repayment, defence budget, and other targets, including tax collections, which will be shared with the IMF.

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