Decision on Human Trials of Tooth Regenerative Medicines
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Osaka: Japanese scientists have introduced a drug for the regrowth of broken or fallen teeth, which is now being tested on humans after a successful trial on animals.

According to media reports, the Japanese pharmaceutical company Toregem Biopharma has developed this medicine, which will help in the regeneration of teeth. The first phase of human trials of the drug will begin in September, involving 30 healthy male adults. Every patient will have at least one missing tooth.

In the second phase, children between the ages of two and seven who have been diagnosed with congenital endodontia, resulting in the absence of at least four teeth at birth, will join the trial.

If the drug is successful in human trials, it could save many patients from expensive and painful operations such as surgery or tooth replacement.

This drug inactivates a protein called USAG-1. USAG-1 is a protein that inhibits tooth growth.

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