Physical Manifestations: How Anger Affects Your Body
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Do you ever feel like anger is coursing through your veins or arteries? If yes, then it really happens. Yes, feeling really angry has negative effects on arterial health. This was revealed in a medical study in the United States.

A clinical trial was conducted by including 280 people in Columbia University research. Participants in this trial were instructed to recall events based on feelings such as anger, sadness, anxiety, or detachment for 8 minutes. They underwent this several times, and each time the health of the arteries was also checked. Previous research reports have linked feelings of anger, anxiety, and sadness to the risk of heart disease.

But in this study, it was discovered that sadness and anxiety do not make any significant difference, but anger can definitely make you prone to heart disease. This is not the first study in which the relationship between emotions and effects on the heart arteries has been discovered, but it is the first to shed light on the hidden mechanism behind it. This is the first time that this relationship has been conclusively proven through a clinical trial. Research has shown that anger affects the health of blood vessels in three ways.

According to research, anger narrows arteries, impairs the ability of cells to repair themselves, and increases the risk of damage. The study found that recalling anger-inducing events for 8 minutes had lasting effects on the arteries for 40 minutes. It doesn’t sound harmful to hear, but the researchers said that health is definitely affected over time. If you are a person with a lot of anger, this habit can affect the function of the arteries chronically, he said.

“We haven’t looked at the aftereffects of affecting the health of the arteries, but we think it could increase the risk of diseases like heart attack and stroke,” he added.

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