Want to keep heart attacks, strokes, and other heart diseases away forever?
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Want to avoid heart attacks, strokes, or other cardiovascular diseases? So make brisk walking or other exercises part of your routine. This was revealed in a medical study in America. A Massachusetts General Hospital study found that physical activity reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, including heart attack and stroke. Research has shown that physical activity reduces the severity of stress-related problems in the brain.

Research finally explains why people with depression are at risk for heart disease, a brain disease usually linked to stress. It is already known that physical activity reduces the risk of heart disease because exercise lowers blood fat levels, lowers blood pressure, and improves the health of the arteries. But the researchers said that we still don’t know the full benefits of physical activity, and this research was done keeping that in mind.

For this purpose, the researchers analyzed the medical data of more than 50,000 patients at the Massachusetts Hospital and asked them about their physical activities. 774 of them underwent brain scans and examined brain activity related to stress. After an average of 10 years of follow-up, 12.9 percent were diagnosed with heart disease.

But the research found that the risk of heart disease is reduced by 23% in people who are addicted to physical activity, while the mental activity related to stress is also reduced. According to the researchers, the reduction in stress is due to improvements in brain functions that control decision-making and anxiety, the same functions that control stress responses.

Research has found that stress reduction benefits the cardiovascular system more than physical activity. The researchers said that more research is needed, but it seems that exercise reduces the risk of heart disease by reducing mental stress. It should be noted that experts recommend 150 minutes of moderate physical activity per week. Activities like brisk walking, jogging, stair climbing, and swimming all benefit heart health and are not too difficult to do.

The results of this study were published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology.

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