Google's big move to stop the promotion of fake videos
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Google has banned ads for sexually explicit content, but now Google is also banning advertisers from promoting videos that help people create deepfake porn videos. . According to the technology website, under the new Google policy, Google is banning advertisers from advertising that helps users create nude content, such as altering a person’s image to create a new image. be

Currently, Google restricts advertisers from ‘advertising sexually explicit material’ including (content, image, audio, or graphic), but the new policy now also restricts advertisers from advertising services that allow users to also help create content of sorts, whether it’s content like changing a person’s photo or creating a new photo. According to media reports, under Google’s new policy, this ban on advertisers will be effective May 30.

“The company’s move is to prevent the promotion of ads from services that offer deepfake pornography or nude content,” Google spokesman Michael Ackman told the technology website in an interview. Obligations not to promote content that is sexually explicit, modified, or created for nudity, for example, websites or apps that provide a way for people to deepfake immoral content.

Any ad that violates the policies in question will be removed from Google, Akiman says. He added that during 2023, Google had removed 1.8 billion ads for violating its policies on sexual content.

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