Google fired 50 employees who protested against the agreement with Israel
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Google fired 20 more employees protesting a deal with Israel. Representatives of a group of Google employees reported that the company has fired over 50 employees so far in protest against the agreement with Israel, a country known for its brutal and barbaric actions against Palestinians in Gaza.

Google employees are protesting Nimbus, a one billion, twenty million-dollar Israeli project. In 2021, Google and EmmaZone signed an agreement with Israel for a project that involves artificial intelligence (AI) technology and surveillance. Last week, employees staged sit-ins at Google’s New York and California offices against the project, prompting the company to call the police.

The employee group claims that Google laid off 30 workers last week and another 20 on the evening of April 23. According to the group’s spokesperson, they included some employees who were not involved in the protest but were passing by during the demonstration.

The spokesperson clarified that Google’s clear objective was to suppress the protest and silence the employees, leading to the unjustifiable termination of fifty employees. Protesters say that through Project Nimbus, Google is providing support to the Israeli government in the killing of Palestinians. Various reports claim that Project Nimbus’s AI technology provides Israeli authorities with data on Palestinians’ internet usage in Gaza.

The Israeli army targets Palestinians based on this data. However, Google’s statement did not specify the number of employees fired following the investigation.

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