Gary Kirsten, Jason Gillespie Take Helm of Pakistan's Test Cricket Coaching
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The Pakistan Cricket Board has appointed former South African cricketer Gary Kirsten as the head coach of Pakistan’s white ball team and former Australian fast bowler Jason Gillespie as the head coach of the red ball team.

Chairman PCB Mohsin Naqvi, while holding a press conference with Azhar Mehmood in Lahore, said that today’s press conference is related to the coaches of the national team. Mohsin Naqvi said that Jason Gillespie is being brought in as the coach of Pakistan’s Test team, while South Africa’s Gary Kirsten will be the coach of the national white ball team. Will join the team; the arrival of these foreign players is proof that they have faith in our potential.

According to him, Azhar Mehmood would serve as the squad’s assistant coach for Pakistan’s cricket team in both white-ball and red-ball cricket formats. Chairman PCB said that the job of the cricket board is not to collect money and deposit it in banks; hopefully we will do better for Pakistan cricket. Mohsin Naqvi said that the coaches of the women’s cricket team are also being brought; they will bring women’s cricket to the level of equality.

They said that they have ordered the devices for the physiotherapist. Yesterday there was a storm in Quetta Kalat; the boys were playing tape ball cricket; the players were injured due to the fall of the wall; the condition of three is critical; they will be treated. He said that the work of upgrading the stadiums is going on fast; we have an international bid on May 7; there will be companies who have experience in international stadiums; we are delayed but will complete the work as soon as possible.

Azhar Mehmood said, I am thankful to PCB for trusting me. My aim is to bring the Pakistan team up. For the first time, two foreign coaches are coming to Pakistan. In such a case, my role would be very important. Is.

Talking about the fitness of the national cricketers, Mohsin Naqvi said that fitness has never been paid attention to. Look at the fitness of the players in the world; we have to work on fitness; how fitness can be damaged due to fitness camps and foreign coaches of the team. We’ll work with coaches and teams, so stick together.

Chairman PCB said that at present, the government and the cricket board are stable, changes keep happening, I have given some of my powers to the selection committee, I do not keep everything in my hands, and we have a combination of local coaches with foreign coaches. made, we have to identify our mistakes and improve them. The purpose of bringing foreign coaches is to improve the team. If a player does not know English, he will learn, and Azhar Mehmood is with them.

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