Israeli Forces Retrieve Bodies of Three Hostages in Gaza
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Retrieval and Identification Process of the Bodies of Three Hostages in Gaza.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) says that Israeli forces have recovered the bodies of three hostages from Gaza.


He said that the dead bodies belonged to Shani Lok, Amit Biskela and Itzak Galeranter. The IDF said he was killed on October 7, and his remains were returned to Gaza.


Local media reported that these bodies were found in a Hamas tunnel.


About 1,200 people were killed in an unprecedented attack by Hamas gunmen on Israel. They took another 252 hostages to Gaza.


He said that we will return all our hostages alive and dead.


In a statement, the IDF said the bodies were recovered during an overnight operation. He said he processed information obtained from the “interrogation of terrorists” detained in Gaza.


The three victims were said to have been killed at an intersection near the site of the Nuva Festival massacre in southern Israel before their bodies were taken to Gaza.


More than 360 people died during the festival. About 125 hostages remain missing, while others have been released or rescued.


The Hostages Family Forum, a group bringing together relatives of those detained, said they “bowed their heads in deep sorrow and broken hearts after the announcement”. He said the three had been killed by “Hamas terrorists”, adding: “May their memories be a blessing”.


Under an agreement reached in November, Hamas released 105 hostages and about 240 Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli jails in exchange for a week-long ceasefire.


It needs to be made clear how many of the missing are still alive.


After the IDF’s announcement, Hamas’ armed wing said the detained prisoners would only be returned through an “honorable exchange agreement for our people.”


Long-running talks in Cairo aimed at a ceasefire and the release of more hostages are currently stalled.


After the October 7 attacks, Israel launched an offensive in Gaza that, according to the Hamas-led Health Ministry, has killed more than 35,000 people, mostly civilians.


The United Nations says about 2.2 million Palestinians face chronic food shortages and are in urgent need of shelter and other assistance.

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