Foods that increase the risk of kidney disease
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Identifying Culprits: Foods Linked to Increased Kidney Disease Risk

Kidneys act like a water filter in our body. A water filter removes things from water that are harmful and our kidneys do the same. The kidneys filter blood, eliminating waste products and extra fluid from the body while maintaining proper potassium, salt, and vitamin levels.

Along with this, the kidneys also make hormones that play an important role in everything from blood pressure to bone strength, in simple terms, the kidneys are very important. According to an estimate, one in 10 people worldwide suffer from chronic kidney disease, which results in the accumulation of fluid and other substances in the body. Poor dietary habits also play a role in this, so learn about foods that are harmful to the kidneys.

High intake of salt

High consumption of salt in the diet increases the blood pressure level which in turn damages the kidneys. High consumption of salt also increases the risk of kidney stones, which is a very painful disease

Sugar is also harmful

High consumption of sugar not only increases the blood sugar level but also increases the risk of kidney diseases. High consumption of sugar affects the function of kidneys while their volume also increases.

Sweet drinks

The use of soda or soft drinks is also harmful for the kidneys. A study found that excessive consumption of sugary drinks may increase the risk of developing chronic kidney disease.

Red meat

Eating foods rich in animal protein, such as red meat, can also damage the kidneys. This is because it is difficult for our body to digest animal protein, which increases the load on the kidneys and makes it difficult for them to clear the waste. If you already suffer from kidney problems, eating a diet rich in animal protein can make the disease worse.


Caffeine in tea, coffee, and soda also increases the pressure on the kidneys. Caffeine consumption increases blood flow, blood pressure, and stress on the kidneys. This is why medical experts associate high caffeine consumption with kidney stones.

Ultra-processed foods

Foods high in salt, sugar, and fat are harmful to the kidneys. Ultra-processed foods are high in fat and sugar. Ultra-processed foods include bread, fast foods, sweets, coffees, cakes, snacks, breakfast cereals, chicken and fish nuggets, instant noodles, sugary drinks, and sodas.

Note: This article is based on details published in medical journals; readers must consult their physician in this regard.

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