A major disadvantage of the habit of drinking less water was discovered
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Water is very important for our health, especially in hot weather. The lack of this fluid in the body is very harmful. But now it has been discovered that a slight lack of water in the body, or dehydration, has negative effects on mental performance. A study conducted by the University of Pennsylvania in the US showed that even a slight lack of water in the body affects your ability to concentrate over time.

Research has found that being dehydrated for a few minutes during daily activities can hurt the ability to concentrate. 78 people aged 47 to 70 were included in this study. All these individuals had access to safe drinking water, and their health was monitored for 3 months. We chose middle-aged or older people because the risk of dementia increases at this age, the researchers said.

Previous research reports have shown that dehydration affects cell health and kidney function while increasing the risk of chronic diseases and early death. The new study did not deliberately deprive people of water but rather examined the effects of dehydration on the body during daily activities. Participants in the study were instructed to avoid high-fat foods, caffeine, and exercise.

These individuals were subjected to various mental tests, and it was discovered that the more dehydrated the body, the more difficult it was to concentrate. According to the researchers, the results indicate that if a person is accustomed to drinking less water daily, it is difficult for him to perform tasks that require concentration, but there is a negative effect on mental flexibility or memory. Effects do not occur. He said that this can affect the performance of people performing office work, and they must consume an adequate amount of water daily. The results of this study were published in the American Journal of Human Biology.

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