Changes in WhatsApp for the convenience of users
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Popular messaging app WhatsApp has announced plans to introduce an updated design for the convenience of its users. In the statement and video released by the company on social media, it is mentioned that although the layout of WhatsApp will be new, the app will still be easy for users to use.

What will change in WhatsApp after the new update?

According to the statement released by the company, WhatsApp’s new layout and icons will help users find the desired content quickly. Android users will be able to find their contacts quickly through the new navigation bar, but not for Android or iPhone users. Using the app will still be an easy experience.

The company has added additional illustrations along with animations to increase users’ engagement with WhatsApp. Metta says that the company is saying goodbye to the traditional green color for WhatsApp’s new layout and adding a glowing green color. The company has introduced ‘Deep Dark Mode’ for the users.

In the new layout, iPhone users will be able to clearly see the features while sharing photos and videos through the new expandable tray. Users will now be able to better organize their conversations through filters, making it easier to monitor unread group chats. WhatsApp has not yet announced a date for the rollout of the new changes, but it is expected that the changes will be rolled out soon.

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