Bilal Abbas and Darefishan Saleem secretly married? A shocking revelation
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Karachi: YouTuber Maria Ali has claimed that the couple Bilal Abbas and Darefishan Saleem of the drama serial ‘Ishq Murshid have secretly married. Recently, YouTuber Maria Ali made shocking revelations about the private lives of Bilal Abbas and Darefishan Saleem on her channel.

YouTuber Maria Ali said that there are reports that Darefishan Saleem and Bilal Abbas have secretly married, and both of them have kept their marriage secret from the world due to their careers. Maria Ali said that everyone has seen that on the premiere of the last episode of the drama serial ‘Ishq Murshid,’ Bilal Abbas did not leave Darefishan alone, even for a moment; both held each other’s hands like a real couple. was caught

He said that both actors came three hours late for the premiere of the last episode of Ishq Murshid; besides, they used to come together on the sets of the drama, eat together, and spend a lot of time together during the shooting. Used to spend Maria Ali also said that recently, Darefishan Salim got Umrah’s blessing when Bilal Abbas was also in Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah.

He said that Bilal Abbas and Darfashan Salim achieved happiness in Umrah together, but apparently, they showed the fans that both had gone to perform Umrah separately. In his video, the YouTuber also talked about Darfshan Salim’s ex-friend and actor Umar Shahzad. According to him, Umar Shahzad revealed in the reality show ‘Tamasha Ghar’ that he and Darfshan loved each other and both got married. They were also going to do it.

Umar Shahzad said that he and Darefishan were living in the same building; everything was going well between the two, but when the actress’s drama ‘Kisi Teri Khud Bhogi’ was a hit, the actress’s behavior started to change. According to the actor, Bilal Abbas used to come to meet Darfashan Saleem in his absence when he went out of town, and when Umar Shahzad complained to Darefishan about Bilal Abbas, the actress said he was only a friend. Come.

In her video, Maria Ali also revealed how Darefishan Salim broke up with Umar Shehzad, and then her deep friendship with Bilal Abbas came to light. In the YouTuber’s revelations, fans say that if Bilal Abbas and Darefishan Saleem have secretly married, it is good news, as fans are also eager to see the two together in real life. Fans also said that they would wait for the official announcement of Nikah from Darefishan Saleem and Bilal Abbas.


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