All of AstraZeneca's Corona vaccinations have been taken off of international markets.
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Wilmington: The British and Swedish pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca has now started withdrawing its Corona vaccine from the global market. According to media reports, the move by the company comes after the company admitted that its vaccine may cause a rare blood clotting disease.

However, regarding the withdrawal of the vaccine from the global market, the company said that this decision was taken for commercial reasons. The company has started the process of withdrawing the vaccine from European Union markets. The company said that since several different types of Corona vaccines have been developed, the unavailability of AstraZeneca will hopefully not cause problems.

It should be noted that a case was filed against the company in the UK by 50 British citizens, after which the company admitted in the High Court that the AstraZeneca vaccine could cause a rare blood clotting disorder (TTS).

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