America stopped the supply of ammunition to Israel
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Tel Aviv: During Israel’s continuous bombing of Gaza since October 7, America stopped the supply of ammunition to the Zionist state for the first time.

According to the World News Agency, two Israeli officials have confirmed that the United States suspended the supply of ammunition to Israel last week without giving any reason. Israeli officials, speaking anonymously, said the US move was unexpected and a cause for concern for the Netanyahu government, and despite repeated contacts, the US has yet to explain. Remember, the US asked Israel in February of this year to guarantee the use of this ammunition in Gaza by international law.

Israeli officials claimed that Prime Minister Netanyahu had guaranteed in March that US weapons would be used in Gaza by international law and that there would be no violations. However, when the representative of the global news agency approached the White House, the Pentagon, the US Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Israeli Prime Minister’s office, no one responded yet.

The World News Agency has claimed that the reason for the suspension of the supply of arms to Israel is because of Israel’s persistence in the military attack on Rafah. At the same time, international powers, including the United States, have demanded that Netanyahu refrain from this action. The United States and other global powers believe that the Israeli military action poses a severe threat to the lives of over one million Palestinian refugees from Gaza living in Rafah.

The United States and the international forces demanded that Israel make arrangements to move these millions of Palestinian refugees to a safe place after the attack on Rafah. Still, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu said that whether there is a ceasefire agreement with Hamas or not, Rafah will remain in any case. Will attack. It should be noted that the United Nations has repeatedly warned that, as a result of the attack on Rafah, Palestinian refugees will have no other safe place in the entire Gaza Strip where they can move safely with their families.

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